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Consulting Programs

I. Consulting – Farm Plans:

  • Entry level / agronomy access.
  • Fertility and Chemical plan review.
  • Operation improvement recommendations.

II. Introductory Service:

  • Customer-chosen program acres.
  • Soil sampling on every program acre.
  • Agronomist consulting for crop / soil management for program acres.
  • VRT and/or Flat Rate recs based on soil and/or yield data. (i.e. Potassium, Phosphorus, Lime, Nitrogen); from state recommendation standars.
  • VRT files (seed / fert) will be created and delivered for the required controller. Files compatible with industry standard GIS systems.
  • Summary reports developed to evaluate management practices & yield trends.

III. Whole Farm Program:

  • Same services as the Introductory Service program.
  • Soil testing for all farm acres on client-agreed sampling cycle.
  • Analysis & recommendations done every year on every acre.

IV. Consulting for Consultants:

  • Agreed-upon services to improve a consultant’s efficiency.
  • Advanced recommendation creation based on host consultant’s specifications.
  • Administrative / Office support (i.e Mapping, invoicing, technical / agronomy support, etc.).

V. Scouting:

  • In-season scouting (as mutually agreed).